The ACK coupling machine joins the wafers by inserting the stuffing between them. ACK can couple hemispherical or flat waffles and other types of products with round, square or rectangular base. Some examples of biscuits that can be processed with the ACK coupling machine are: baci di dama, peschine, macarons.


  • automatic timing of wafer
  • adjustable feet
  • innovative system:
  • fast feeding of water
  • adjustable dosing of wafer stuffing drop
  • fast and delicate deposit of the coupled product


  1. Construction toughness. structure made in tubular and AISI 304/316L steel panels
  2. Quality. The best components in the market (BECKOFF, GARDNER DENVER , FESTO, SCHNEIDER, ETC.)
  3. Versatility of use. from industry to the small food laboratory
  4. Ease of use. simply enter the loose product on feeding belts in bulk, the system will time-out them to be automatically picked up
  5. Ease of work. an innovative system allows collecting the wafer and inject a drop of product (chocolate, cream, marmalade, hone, etc.)
  6. Ease of management. no maintenance, easy to clean, attainable in all its parts
  7. Production flexibility. size change in a few minutes, storable data and programmable functions directly from the operator panel
  8. Savings on consumables. thanks to the careful design, ACK provides high savings in the consumption of film, air, technical gas, electricity


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