The I-PR Packing and palletising station for the end of the line uses a suitable gripping device (grippers, plates with suction cups) to pack and place the most varied types of products on pallets, benches or into containers with side edges.

The pallets are fed by a dispenser loaded by the operator with the use of a forklift truck. The finished pallets are picked up by the operator from the outfeed side, with the use of a forklift truck. The entire perimeter of the automated station is protected by safety light curtrains and mesh guards.


  1. The operator uses an aerial work platform to place the product to be packed (e.g. reels) on the motorised loading conveyor; the product will then be unloaded on the centring conveyor.
  2. In this area is used a manual barcode reader that reads the code previously applied by the operator and retrieves all the relevant data that will be printed on the final label.
  3. A multifunctional gripper installed on the robot arm picks up the product and places it in the box forming area, where the open cardboard blanks picked up from the storage unit were previously placed. The operator loads the blank storage unit manually.
  4. An automatic system spreads the hot glue over the unfolded cardboard blank before closing it. This station also weighs the pack by means of load cells (optional)
  5. A vision system ensures that the pallet stops in the optimal position, so that the robot can place the pack (containing the products) on the pallet


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