This machine automatically paints eyeglass frames, using syringes mounted on robots. The temples are manually loaded (right and left) by the operator on specific pallets. Ultrasound sensors control the presence of the temples on the pallets. The process cycle will only start when the barriers are not detecting the presence of people or other objects nearby. Once the painting is complete, the pallet unit opens and the operator can manually pick up the temples.


  1. Manual loading of the temples, both on right and left side, on the support pallet temple fastening consent
  2. By positive signal, the table rotation is booked waiting for the robot to complete the painting operation on the next station.
  3. By anomaly detection, the access to the barrier and the intervention of the operator is required
  4. Temples presence control by means of sensors. Painting temples with front suction. The suction system provides for the painting fumes not to deposit on the temples in the main line pipe
  5. Suction/drying by fan connected to the main line pipe
  6. Drying with forced ventilation
  7. Manual unloading/loading of the temples


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